Plan For More Than One Acupuncture Treatment

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It can be very hard to tell exactly how your body will react to an acupuncture treatment. There are some patients who are able to respond to acupuncture very strongly, the great majority of participants need to go for a few sessions before they will start to experience results with their acupuncture treatments. This means that even though their body is hardwired to respond to acupuncture in the best possible way, they still won’t notice the greatest benefits of acupuncture until they are at least a few sessions in.

Experts suggest that you should expect to experience a discernible difference within 4 to 5 sessions. One acupuncture treatment won’t often relieve your pain but you may notice a slight difference if you have a chronic or an extremely acute pain problem. Usually 1 to 2 sessions a week are needed over 5 to 6 weeks to complete most rounds of treatment for an acute injury or for finding relief of a particular pain. Everyone’s course of treatment will be different and monitored closely by a licensed acupuncture practitioner. Depending on how you respond to treatment, this will dictate how many future treatment sessions you may require.

There are different types of acupuncture treatments that can be used for certain issues/ailments. These different types will all have their own phases, schedules and regular treatment plans that will be adjusted according to how you respond. While acute care can include just 2 to 3 treatments for a particular problem like a minor ankle sprain or a bad cold, other types of treatment will be required for ongoing wellness and chronic care.

Treatment plans for acupuncture usually get divided into several different headings according to the types of goals that they are attempting to accomplish. These three main phases also tend to fall in direct line with the three phases of dealing with any type of injury:

Early Corrective Assistance: This type of acupuncture treatment is usually scheduled to three times per week or over just a few sessions for acute care. This initial phase is responsible for relieving the symptoms of a health concern in their most acute form . This early corrective assistance phase is closely related to dealing with the acute inflammatory phase of injury.

The Reduction Convalescent assistance step: During this stage of an acupuncture treatment, you can receive treatment once every 1 to 2 weeks to receive relief from your symptom(s). If you have an ongoing chronic condition or a long stage recovery, this type of regular treatment will work to keep you symptom-free as well as help you to find relief and healing through the recovery process.

The Maintenance Phase: During the final stage of acupuncture care, the goal of the practitioner is to maintain the results of acupuncture treatment as well as improve your overall well-being. Regular acupuncture treatments, even if you are healthy, can prevent symptoms of a chronic condition or injury from flaring up. Regular care in acupuncture can also work towards improve your overall wellness and healing capabilities. Maintenance care phases usually take place around once a month to four times a year when the seasons begin to change. They can increase your overall well-being and improve your vitality throughout the year. This is a fantastic option to take on even if you aren’t feeling any particular symptoms of your injury and you just want to feel your best.

So how do you know if acupuncture is working?

There are a number of significant signs and symptoms that you can watch out for to make sure that the treatment options are working for your particular situation. Here are some of the most substantial ways to tell if acupuncture is working for you:

Improvements in your energy: Acupuncture treatments can help us to improve our overall energy levels. Through regular acupuncture treatments you can work at increasing your energy levels. Even in conditions of chronic fatigue, acupuncture has been shown to improve energy levels and help people to get up and moving.

Improvements to your sleep: If you find that you are sleeping better, this is usually one of the best signs that acupuncture is helping you deal with your symptoms and providing you with benefits. If you are waking up less during the night, sleeping more deeply and feeling more results from the healing power of sleep, this can be an added benefit of acupuncture care. Sleeping better can be an indication that you will feel after just 2 to 3 sessions in many cases.

Your body is more flexible and digestive health has improved: When your organs and muscles are able to complete their job more freely, you can become more flexible. Because acupuncture works to balance your body as a whole you should feel overwhelming benefits in a variety of areas including digestion.

These are some of the top signs and indicators that are used to evaluate how well acupuncture is working. Of course your practitioner can also adjust the treatment options to your needs if you are not experiencing desired results. Remember that one acupuncture treatment is not likely to have an overwhelming impact. When placed into a treatment plan with the help of a skilled practitioner it is possible to feel better than you have ever felt before with ongoing acupuncture care.

This article originally appeared on Above & Beyond Acupuncture.