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12 Summer Self Care Tips from Acupuncturists

Being sick in summer is the worst! Check out these self-care tips from acupuncturists for staying healthy all summer long. 12 Summer Self-Care Tips from Acupuncturists

13 Habits of People With Concealed Depression

In America today, roughly 19 million people suffer from depression. It is estimated that at any given time, three to five percent of adults are experiencing a major depressive episode, and 2 of every 100 kids and 8 of every 100 teenagers have severe depression. All of these statistics exist despite depression being a very […]

Why Gua Sha Is The New Cupping

I first learned about the traditional Chinese therapy called gua sha on Instagram, of all places. I was looking at photos of cupping and accidentally clicked on someone’s photo that was labeled with #guasha. FYI, if you ever want to be terrified, click on that hashtag; it’s all images of people who look like they’ve […]

The 5 Hormones Every Active Woman Needs to Know About

Hormones are one of your body’s main signaling systems. Think of them as tiny traffic cops: They direct biochemical messages that regulate everything from your sex drive to your metabolism, mood, sleep, and fertility. Given the amount of information they’re responsible for ferrying, it’s easy to see how mixed signals might affect the way you […]

13 Signs Of Vitamin D Deficiency

Did you know that one BILLION people worldwide are deficient in Vitamin D? Closer to home in America, at least 50% of children under 12 years of age are either insufficient or deficient in this essential nutrient. You could almost say that we have a pandemic of Vitamin D deficiency! As we currently approach the […]

5 Reasons To Full Squat

The full squat is one of the most basic and fundamental human postures. Due to industrialized society’s heavy reliance on chairs and modern footwear however, it has become a position that many people have difficulty achieving. Born to Squat The full or deep squat refers to a position where the knees are flexed to the […]

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